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  1. § Paul Watt®   said on :


    Thanks for pointing out the file link was no longer working.
    I re-uploaded the version I use in my alchemy library. I don’t remember how the file differs from the original, but this one is based on the concepts in this article, including all of the functions.

    You can refer to my alchemy library if you would like to see how a library like this can be used.


  2. § Pete   said on :

    This taught me a lot about Modern C++ template programming.
    The link to the type_list.h file is not working. Please update it.
    Thanks, Pete

  3. § Paul Watt®   said on :

    Thanks for pointing that out.
    Yes, the code you mention is a mistake, I will correct it.

    I adapted my implementation from the version in the proposal paper I cite, N4115. Their implementation chooses to swap the parameters. This form didn’t feel intuitive to me.

    I needed the pop_back function, so the latest file I have uploaded has some additional functionality:
    - pop_back
    - move_item (moves items between lists)
    - split (splits a list at a specified pivot point)

  4. § foo said on :

    Is there a mistake on line 195( of the downloadable file), if not could you explain the template parameters are reversed (the line is also shown in your “One Last Tip” example above on line 20) ? Thanks

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