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Alchemy: Benchmarks and Optimizations

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A continuation of a series of blog entries that documents the design and implementation process of a library. The library is called, Network Alchemy[^]. Alchemy performs automated data serialization with compile-time reflection. It is written in C++ using template meta-programming.

Benchmark testing and code profiling is a phase that can often be avoided for the majority of development. That is, if you develop wisely. Selecting appropriate data structures and algorithms for the task at hand. Avoiding pre-mature optimization is about not getting caught up on the minute details before you even have a working system. That doesn’t mean to through out good decision making altogether. Well I have reached the point in Alchemy, where I have a feature-set that is rich enough to make this a useful library. This entry chronicles my discoveries for how well Alchemy performs and the steps I have taken to find and improve the areas where improvement has been required.

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