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  1. § Paul Watt®   said on :


    Thanks for identifying those typos. The < is part of the formatting that I typed in incorrectly, so it didn’t display the ‘<’. You identified the proper fix.

    From looking at the code, I think it assumes a 24-bit color bitmap. That is the first thing that I would verify.

    Otherwise, maybe you could send me a sample image.

  2. § sivabalan   said on :

    Hi, What is ‘&1t;’ at line 6, 7 of RenderProjection function. I am using ‘<’ instead of that.
    at line 3 of BilinearSample function, int(u) is incorrect. I am using int(y) instead.
    I am getting a weird little planet (looks like having two little planets merged in the opposite direction, with a different color.
    Thanks for the support

  3. § Paul Watt®   said on :

    k_pi_inverse is 1/pi:


  4. § Mathieu   said on :

    What value should k_pi_inverse be?

  5. § Scott said on :

    k_pi and k_pi_inverse not defined

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