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  1. § Tianxiao Jiang   said on :

    Cross origin compile on coliru seems not working now, neither on en.cppreference.com nor here. It was working just a few days ago. I was trying to do the same thing with coliru, any idea ?

  2. § Paul Watt®   said on :

    One more note:
    I basically create two sets of windows, one if code highlighting styles, and the other set with editing styles.
    Normally the editing styled windows are hidden. Then when you press run this code, the editing windows appear, and the others are hidden.

    It’s not an elegant solution because I need to duplicate the code twice. However, I am happy with how it looks.

    The JS file contains the code to send to coliru to compile and receive a response.

  3. § fenbf   said on :

    Thanks for the explanation! I’ll try to use your solution and let you know if it works on my site (based on blogger.com)

    No, I haven’t tested any other alternatives, but coliru seems to be used quite often. So it seems it’s a good choice.

  4. § Paul Watt®   said on :

    It wasn’t too difficult, but it did take me a few days to create a nice looking solution.

    At first I started with a .js file I found from a GitHub project. However, it didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to.

    I was aiming for the same behavior that is found on cppreference.com.

    So I analyzed their HTML, modified the .js project from GitHub until I arrived at what I have now.

    You can find the JS file that I created at this path:

    With that I had to figure out how to integrate things with the CMS software that my site runs on, which I just created custom CSS tags for the compiled code windows.

    If you would find it useful, I could write an entry on it, I have been considering that for a while.

    One of the better entries that I have created that demonstrates the online compiler is the SFINAE article.

    I haven’t looked into other online compilers because coliru has worked pretty well. Are you aware of any others?

  5. § fenbf said on :
    5 stars

    Is it easy to integrate this button on other sites? How to do it quickly? Have you considered other alternatives?

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