Alchemy  1.0
A framework to robustly process network messages and structured data
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meta_foreach.h File Reference

Defines a compile-time equivalent of std::for_each. More...

#include <Pb/meta_fwd.h>

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class  Hg::detail::ForEachTypeHelper< CurIndex, EndIndex, ContainerT, Function >
 This parameterized construct is used to iterate through each type in the specified type container. More...


namespace  Hg
 The MIT License(MIT)



template<size_t BeginIndex, size_t EndIndex, typename ContainerT , typename Function >
Function & Hg::ForEachType (Function &fn)
 Meta-template implementation of for_each. More...

Detailed Description

Defines a compile-time equivalent of std::for_each.

Parameterized processing function that iterates through the type container recursively to visit each targeted element.

The MIT License(MIT)

Definition in file meta_foreach.h.