Alchemy  1.0
A framework to robustly process network messages and structured data
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Hg::msg_view_const_iterator< T > Class Template Reference

Iterator for nonmutable msg_view. More...

#include <msg_view_iterator.h>

Inheritance diagram for Hg::msg_view_const_iterator< T >:
Hg::msg_view_iterator< T >

Public Member Functions

 msg_view_const_iterator ()
 Default constructor with a pointer to a NULL msg_view.
 msg_view_const_iterator (byte_t *pArg)
 Initialized constructor with a pointer to a msg_view.
bool operator!= (const iter_t &rhs) const
 Test for iterator inequality.
reference operator* () const
 Return designated object.
iter_t operator+ (difference_type offset) const
 Return this + integer.
iter_toperator++ ()
iter_t operator++ (int)
iter_toperator+= (difference_type offset)
 Increment by integer.
iter_t operator- (difference_type offset) const
 Return this - integer.
difference_type operator- (const iter_t &rhs) const
 Return difference of iterators.
iter_toperator-- ()
iter_t operator-- (int)
iter_toperator-= (difference_type offset)
 Decrement by integer.
pointer operator-> () const
 Return pointer to class object.
bool operator< (const iter_t &rhs) const
 Test if this < rhs.
bool operator<= (const iter_t &rhs) const
 Test if this <= rhs.
bool operator== (const iter_t &rhs) const
 Test for iterator equality.
bool operator> (const iter_t &rhs) const
 Test if this > rhs.
bool operator>= (const iter_t &rhs) const
 Test if this >= rhs.
reference operator[] (difference_type offset) const

Protected Member Functions

bool is_referenced ()
 Indicates if this position has been dereferenced.
Tptr Realize () const
 Reads the current data into the message context for interaction.

Protected Attributes

value_type m_msg
             Instance of message to realize the 

msg_view for each piece of data. The message is realized each time the iterator is dereferenced.

 pointer to the raw data buffer.
Tptr m_ptr
 pointer to element in the msg_view

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class Hg::msg_view_const_iterator< T >

Iterator for nonmutable msg_view.

Definition at line 25 of file msg_view_iterator.h.

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