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A framework to robustly process network messages and structured data
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byte_order.h File Reference

Defines constructs that help manage byte-order conversion. More...

#include <Pb/detail/endianess.h>

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struct  Hg::EndianType< T, isSwap >
 Policy class used to perform byte-order operations. More...
struct  Hg::EndianType< T, false >
 Policy class used to perform byte-order operations. More...
struct  Hg::HostByteOrderT< E >
 Byte-order management policy for network data transfers. More...
struct  Hg::NetByteOrderT< E >
 Byte-order management policy for network data transfers. More...


namespace  Hg
 The MIT License(MIT)



template<typename T >
Hg::EndianSwap (T input)
 A generic implementation that performs no action. More...
uint16_t Hg::EndianSwap (uint16_t input)
 Endian Swap (Specialization, uint16_t) More...
int16_t Hg::EndianSwap (int16_t input)
 Endian Swap (Specialization, int16_t) More...
uint32_t Hg::EndianSwap (uint32_t input)
 Endian Swap (Specialization, uint32_t) More...
int32_t Hg::EndianSwap (int32_t input)
 Endian Swap (Specialization, int32_t) More...
uint64_t Hg::EndianSwap (uint64_t input)
 Endian Swap (Specialization, uint64_t) More...
int64_t Hg::EndianSwap (int64_t input)
 Endian Swap (Specialization, int64_t) More...


const size_t Hg::convert::k_16bits = 16
 Bit-shift constant, 2-bytes.
const size_t Hg::convert::k_24bits = 24
 Bit-shift constant, 3-bytes.
const size_t Hg::convert::k_32bits = 32
 Bit-shift constant, 4-bytes.
const size_t Hg::convert::k_40bits = 40
 Bit-shift constant, 5-bytes.
const size_t Hg::convert::k_48bits = 48
 Bit-shift constant, 6-bytes.
const size_t Hg::convert::k_56bits = 56
 Bit-shift constant, 7-bytes.
const size_t Hg::convert::k_64bits = 64
 Bit-shift constant, 8-bytes.
const size_t Hg::convert::k_8bits = 8
 Bit-shift constant, 1-byte.
const Endianess Hg::k_endianess = Endianess(ALCHEMY_ENDIANESS)
 < Constant indicates machine endianess.

Detailed Description

Defines constructs that help manage byte-order conversion.

This file contains definitions, utilities and policy implementations to deal with byte-order characteristics for different machine architectures.

The final structure of byte-order conversion is an aggregate of two concepts into a set of user classes that can be used indiscriminately for the conversion of all data:

1) EndianSwap<T> This is a generic function that contains specializations for each type that may require byte-order management. The generic version performs no operations. Calling this function a second time with the result of the first call, will result with a value equal to the input of the first call.

2) EndianType<> This structure allows a discriminating ID to be associated with endian swap operations. Two ID's are specified to discriminate between Big-Endian and Little-Endian byte-orders. This structure provides a function swap_order, which will swap the byte-order of a value type according to the appropriate context.

The user classes, HostByteOrderT and NetByteOrderT, provide the appropriate context for converting between byte-orders. Both of these collectors provide the same interfaces with two functions:

Users should use these constructs for byte-order conversion:

The MIT License(MIT)

Definition in file byte_order.h.