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Selling Ideas to Management

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Does this scenario sound familiar?

  • You have identified a piece of troublesome logic in your code-base, which has been the source of many headaches for both you and your managers.
  • You have also determined an elegant fix to make the code maintainable and easy to work with for many years to come.
  • You make a request to your project managers to schedule some time for these improvements to be implemented.
  • When you make your pitch you are sure to mention how the quality of the software will be improved and save the company money because the code will be easier to work with and less bugs will be reported by the customers.

Management seems to agree with your ideas and replies with:

"That sounds great, we should definitely do that. However, now is not a good time. We should be able to do that a couple of months from now."

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Software Design Patterns

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Software Design Patterns have helped us create a language to communicate and concepts and leverage the skills of previous work. Design patterns are very powerful, language agnostic descriptions problems and solutions that have been encounter and solved many times over. However, design patterns are only a resource for solving programming problems. A tool that can help software programs be developed elegantly, efficiently, and reliably; exactly the same way that programming languages, 3rd party libraries, open source code, software development processes, Mountain Dew and The Internet can improve the quality of code. I would like to discuss some of my thoughts and observations regarding design patterns, with the intent to help improve the usefulness of this wildly misused resource.

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View C++ as a Federation of Languages

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My favorite C++ books are from Scott Meyers, Effective C++ series. The first item in Effective C++, 3rd Edition is titled View C++ as a federation of languages. I took note of this suggestion the first, and each successive time I read through this book. I thought of this as a fresh way to view the breadth of diverse features and ways to apply the C++ language. However, the more I explore, learn, write and teach about the language, the more I believe this is such a profound piece of advice to help developers write the most maintainable code possible.

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