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Unit Testing a Singleton in C++

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I have written about the Singleton[^] before. As a quick review from what I previously stated, I don't think the Singleton is misunderstood, I think it is the only software design pattern that most people do understand. Those that call the Singleton an anti-pattern believe that it is overused. It's simple enough in concept compared to the other patterns, that itself may explain why it is used so often. Another criticism that I hear is that it is difficult to unit-test, or at least unit-test properly with a fresh fixture for each test. No, it's not, and I will demonstrate how.

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Are You Mocking Me?!

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It seems that every developer has their own way of doing things. I know I have my own methodologies, and some probably are not the simplest or the best (that I am aware of). I have continued to refine me design, development, test and software support skills through my career.

I recognize that everyone has their own experiences, so I usually do not question or try to change someone else's process. I will attempt to suggest if I think it might help. However, sometimes I just have to ask, "are you sure you know what you are doing?" For this entry I want to focus on unit testing, specifically with Mock Objects.


Are you sure you know what you are doing?

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