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Alchemy: Vectors

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A continuation of a series of blog entries that documents the design and implementation process of a library. The library is called, Network Alchemy[^]. Alchemy performs low-level data serialization with compile-time reflection. It is written in C++ using template meta-programming.

It's time to break some barriers that have existed within Alchemy since its inception, message with fixed sizes. While the storage policy concept that I use with the message buffer allows Alchemy to dynamically allocate memory for messages, the current structure of the library only allows messages whose size is known at compile-time.

There is already so much value in what Alchemy is capable of accomplishing, even with the static size limitation. However, the only way for Alchemy to expand and reach its potential, is to remove this limitation and provide support for dynamically sized messages. This entry will demonstrate the changes that were required to achieve this goal.

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