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Embedded Alchemy

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Alchemy is a collection of independent library components that specifically relate to efficient low-level constructs used with embedded and network programming.

The latest version of Embedded Alchemy[^] can be found on GitHub.
The most recent entries as well as Alchemy topics to be posted soon:
  • Steganography[^]
  • Coming Soon: Alchemy: Data View
  • Coming Soon: Quad (Copter) of the Damned
Alchemy: Documentation[^]

I just completed my Masters Degree in Cybersecurity at Johns Hopkins University. I plan to resume Alchemy's development. I plan to use my newly acquired knowledge to add constructs that will help improve the security of devices built for the Internet of (Insecure) Things.


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This post will focus on the concept of SFINAE, Substitution Failure Is Not An Error. This is a core concept that is one of the reasons templates are even possible. This concept is related exclusively to the processing of templates. It is referred to as SFINAE by the community, and this entry focuses on the two important aspects of SFINAE:

  1. Why it is crucial to the flexibility of C++ templates and the programming of generics
  2. How you can use it to your advantage

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Are You Mocking Me?!

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It seems that every developer has their own way of doing things. I know I have my own methodologies, and some probably are not the simplest or the best (that I am aware of). I have continued to refine me design, development, test and software support skills through my career.

I recognize that everyone has their own experiences, so I usually do not question or try to change someone else's process. I will attempt to suggest if I think it might help. However, sometimes I just have to ask, "are you sure you know what you are doing?" For this entry I want to focus on unit testing, specifically with Mock Objects.


Are you sure you know what you are doing?

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I Found "The Silver Bullet"!

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I found the metaphorical Silver Bullet that everyone has been searching for in software development and it worked beautifully on my last project. Unfortunately, I only had one of them. I am pretty sure that I could create another one if I ever have to work with a beast that is similar to my last project. However, I don't think that my bullet would be as effective if the circumstances surrounding the project varies too much from my original one.

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